Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet boy!!!!

Five years ago today JT made his entrance into this world. He didn't show up until almost 8pm! He was the latest of any of the boys. I was induced every time and the other three came around 2pm, but NOT JT. He was waiting until the perfect moment. The one where the doctor almost missed it!! :)

Greg was so proud. You two would snuggle on the couch whenever I would let you.

This is us soon after you were born. You looked so tiny to me. Probably because you were only 7lbs. 6 oz.
JT's first birthday was at Peter Piper Pizza. You had a scooby doo cake. In hindsight the blue frosting was NOT a good idea. You sure loved it though!

Your 2nd birthday was at the train park. We got to play on swing sets and ride the train. You even had a train for a cake. You have always loved your birthday!

Your 3rd birthday was at our park in our neighborhood. We had a bouncy house which you STILL talk about today. I laugh at how sweaty you are in this picture. It is it!

Your 4th birthday was at Pump It Up. You had all the kids from your dad's neighborhood as well as your school. What a fun party! Anything with a bouncy house!!!

This year you asked for a Nintendo DS. I decided that when we start asking for presents that cost as much as parties....then we start having FAMILY parties!!! So tonight on your birthday your grandparents and your bestest friends will be here to have some pizza and cake and just enjoy something low key.
I can't believe that 5 years have passed. You have grown into such a little man. You are so smart and sweet. You push the limits whenever you can, but you have never met a stranger and are a natural born leader. Happy Birthday buddy. We all love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 months already!!!!

Yesterday, Gabe had his 9 month check up! I have no idea where the time has gone. His stats came in at:

Weight: 20 lbs and 9 oz (46%)
Length: 30 inches (93%)
Head circumference 44cm (15%)

The doctor said he looks great and should start eating normal food. That of course confused me because he still has NO teeth!!! All of the boys at this age already had teeth so to me it made sense for them to be eating food. His ears were all better so now I am just praying we make it thru the holiday's all well!!!!

This is how he sits all the time. He crawls everywhere and gets up and then back to crawling. The other boys didn't do this either! When I asked the doctor he said it was all good! :)

I just love this picture. Lately I have been bathing both of the younger boys together just for time and they were both so excited!! Check out JT's new haircut too. They are getting so big!! JT will be five on Monday!!!! Ahhhhh.......seriously where does the time go?? When we were younger it took forever from the start of school until the Christmas holiday. Now it seems to come so much faster!!!