Sunday, March 7, 2010


I got a phone call this past week from JT's school saying I needed to pick him up early. He was throwing his lunch trash away and tripped over the teachers foot. When I got there JT was only upset because he didn't get to go out on the play ground. So I asked the teacher for a band-aid and out the door we went. He played for about 10 minutes and then off to the doctor we went. As you can see it was bleeding pretty bad. He bled thru two band-aids in about 1 hour.

Gabe chilling in his new stroller he got for his birthday. He received some cash and gift cards and we decided he sure didn't need any toys so a new stroller it is!

JT giving Gabe some love in the waiting room for the doctor!

A picture of his horrible cut. He hit the edge of the table. It was pretty deep. The doctor suggested I take him to the ER for stitches and I suggested we derma bond it. :) Thankfully the doctor went along with my suggestion as the idea of taking 3 kids to the ER was NOT looking very appealing. JT was so brave as he barely even cried about it.

And the final result. A picture of it with the glue. It is healing so well. The doctor did a GREAT job and as long as he didn't open the wound in 5 days we should be smooth sailing. The doctor did say if it did open we had to head straight to the ER for stitches. So far though so good. Only today left and we should be good! :)

February a SUPER busy month in our house!

February brings many things to our house. It brings us Gabe's birthday on the 5th. It brings Matthew's birthday on the 11th, Bradley's birthday on the 12th, and Greggory's birthday on the 27th. Not too mention Valentine's Day and it's the shortest month of the year! :) I get a little behind in February. Thankfully it is now March and I can catch up with a couple of posts.

This picture was taken right before we left for our sweet friend, Quinn's, bat mitzvah party. Of course Gabe is in his pj's since he didn't get to go.
A picture of the older three boys before the party. It's rare they are ever all three dressed up! So handsome those boys.

Gabe showing everyone his new trick..."so big". He only likes to do it while in a highchair. I guess it's the only time he feels SO BIG!

Sweet brotherly love. I love how much JT adores his little brother and its so sweet to see Gabe's face light up everyday when we pick up JT from school!

Brad had an overnight party with some of his friends. I told him I wanted to take a few can see how that went!

Yes, those are Brad's eyes in the background. He was being a goof!

Just playing a little XBOX.

Or how about some PS3 action?

Brad's awesome Baskin and Robbins cake! Yum!

Since it is also Matthew's birthday he gets a cake too. He prefers the key lime pie though.

Just a random cute shot of this man!

Greg also wanted to have an overnight birthday party. I took the boys to see "Tooth Fairy' and then we came home and made some smores.

Making our smores!

Another great job by Baskin and Robbins!! Happy 10th birthday buddy!

As you can see it's a crazy busy month. Too add more fun February is also junior high lacrosse. It was NEVER a dull moment. I am actually looking forward to only Greg playing a spring sport. It may be the last time we have this kind of a break. Especially with Brad entering high school in the fall!