Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We started off Halloween at about 1:30am. Gabe woke up and would NOT go back to bed. He fell asleep on me which he has not done since I think he was 5 days old! He just could not get comfortable. At about 3:30am I put numbing drops in both of his ears and gave him some Motrin and begged him to sleep!!! He did until 6:15am. Wow. So I waited til 8am to call the Dr. and they said bring him on in at 9:15am. So on Halloween this poor man had to have a shot in both of his legs of antibiotics because he NOW has a bulging ear drum. Poor Poor man!!!
I have never heard him scream quite like that. Thankfully by tonight's trick or treating he seemed to feel better!!! Well, maybe not better, but for sure happier!

The three amigos!!!

This was Gabe's costume. I decided since he has been thru so much lately that dressing up was really only for me. He wasn't asking to be Darth Vader so I decided this year he was off the hook. I am already planning next years costume! : )

Daddy and Gabers after we walked around trick or treating. He was so happy to be outside!!!

A rare picture of Greg and I. Its so hard to get anyone, but Gabe in front of the camera today. Brad had his 2nd round playoff game tonight at 7pm so he missed dressing up and trick or treating, but that's ok because they won and are moving on to the next round. JT was with his dad and I will post some pictures of him in his Boba Fett costume soon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One sick little dude....

This little guy has been sick for over two weeks. I guess I should be thankful that I kept him well for over 8 months with 3 big brothers who ALL attend school and bring home yummy germs just for us! :) However I was not prepared for how sad this little man would be. He was coughing and wheezing and coughing some more. He had to have a breathing treatment which did NOTHING, he had a chest x-ray which should inflammation and NOT infection and finally he was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Only problem with that is it has taken 2 antibiotics to KILL it! I think this one has done it as we have slept thru the night the past two nights and he seems to be more smiley....I sure hope so cause he sure has been sad.....

Pretty sure he is teething too, but still NO sign of teeth.

Daddy and him decided to be silly. It is so funny to me that at this age they get "being silly".

Love the one eyed dude. :) He went from not moving around too much to army crawl, to real crawl to I just want to stand up and walk around furniture people. I think he did this all in a matter of maybe two weeks. Sure is making the football games more interesting as he doesn't really care for me to hold him. ;)
I just convinced him to start eating baby food too. He hasn't wanted any of that either up until now. He just cracks me up. I am just so thankful he is on the mend......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And he's off.......

On September 25th Gabe finally picked up his knees, rocked back and forth and slightly started to crawl...well this past weekend he was OFF!! No warning. I put him down on the floor and he was the dog bowl!!!!! So now the "true" fun begins!!!! We are trying to figure out a way to keep in on the family room only, but you know the open floor plans make that a bit harder to do!!!

This picture just cracks me up. He looks so serious.
This was Gabe crawling away. He was going for the blue toy you can barely see in the picture. It plays music and he figured that out that day too!!!!

As soon as he realized I was taking his picture he stopped crawling away and started to smile for the camera. So funny this kid!!!

He turned around and came over to me so I could take more pictures. Do you see the drool???? Holy cow and still NO teeth!!! His gums aren't even the least bit white!!!

There is with Roxie on his knees going to crawl big he is.

Daddy even got in on the action. Wow my two boys look just alike!!!! Let the good times begin!