Friday, June 26, 2009

Pacifier (pie-pie) or Thumb

Ok I have always been a HUGE fan of the pie-pie. Brad had one til he was 3. My best friend in Atlanta, Shanna, and her son Austin guilted him into making his go away. She was watching him one day and they made him feel bad about having it and poof it was gone. Funny thing was like a year later she found where it was hidden!! :) We didn't have too much of a hard time with him after that so it was a good thing.

Greg had his pie-pie until he was 4!! I bought him a bunch of toys and told him if he would throw them all away I would give the toys to him. For a few weeks he said no thank you. Finally one day I had the flu and I was stuck in bed and ALL the toys were just sitting there. He said mommy I want those toys. I told him all the pie-pie's in the trash. And low and behold he threw EVERY single one of them away. Off to play with his toys he NEVER asked for it again.

Then I had JT. I tried to push the pie-pie on him, but he wanted NOTHING to do with it. He was a self soother. He didn't use his thumb either. He wanted no part with any of it. It kind of made me sad since sometimes you REALLY need something to plug them up! :)

Now on to Gabe. He has been taking his pie-pie no problem until about a week ago. When he found his thumb. Oh what a battle it has been. Everytime I see him with his thumb in his mouth I grab a pie-pie. As you can see from the below pictures he now sucks his thumb WHILE the pie-pie is in his mouth. I am going to win this battle....well I sure hope I do!!!!

Gabe chilling with his pie-pie....

Gabe says uh no guys I will suck my thumb and pie-pie....

Yah he won this time, but I am determined to WIN this!!!! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yummy cereal???

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On June 1st, I decided to try and give Gabe some cereal. He seems to be eating many bottles a day now and I thought he would like something that would be more filling....As it turns out I don't think he was quite ready for such a big step. Hey, at least he thought it was funny!!!!

I haven't tried since. We went to Disney and I didn't want to bring everything with me. I will start trying again this week. It would be great if he started to add a little more to his diet!!!

A Fun trip to Disneyland!

We just got back from a family vacation to Disneyland. We noticed while there that our economy was doing just fine!! The first night we got to California we met my childhood BFF at Downtown Disney. There was 1 1/2 hour waits at EVERY restaurant. Rainforest Cafe was 2 hours!!! We ended up eating at the ESPN zone which was good and had fun playing games while waiting!!

A picture with my boys and Julie's twins!
JT playing hockey. He thought he was so big!!
A picture of Julie and I!! We had not seen each other since January 2004 and it was SO great catching up with her, her husband and kids. We decided NEXT time there would be NO kids!!

This is right outside of Disneyland. This was our first day at the park. I had no idea how JT would react to everything. He did great. Only problem was we learned quickly he just wanted to ride roller coasters and sadly there are not many at Disney. He didn't like the slow rides...
Main street waiting for Matthew and Grammie to get some coffee!!!

Greg and I are raring to go ride rides...come on coffee people!!!

An awesome self portrait on the jungle cruise! The only picture of just the two of us on this trip!

This was us waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean. The good thing was no lines more than 30 minutes. The bad thing was we never got to ride Space Mountain because it always had a 45 minute or more wait.

All JT wanted was a picture with Mickey. He didn't care about any other character. Well Mickey's line was closed so I talked him into a picture with Pluto. All of a sudden Mickey was heading out for a break and he jumped in our picture!!! The kids didn't even know until it was done. It got even better though because minutes later Mickey came back out and I was about to get a group shot!!!

JT with his new ears. Brad and Greg already had ears from previous trips. Only JT and Gabe got some ears. He was very proud of them!

Gabe and his new ears. That is the infant hat and as you can see quite big on his head. Not sure who it's supposed to fit??

Our great group shot with Mickey. That was it. JT NEVER asked to see another person. Sure made our trip much easier not trying to track down characters. We never even went to Toon Town or Fantasyland because JT wanted only roller coasters!!!

We were about to get on the Buzz Lightyear ride and JT started dancing he was getting so excited about playing the shooting game!!!

JT wanted to drive himself on the cars, but you have to be 52 inches. Brad said he would go with him. JT was so excited!!!

So big!!!

Here is the one "family" shot and JT didn't want to look and Gabe was like are you guys kidding?? This was day 2 and we were not as happy since we were a little tired!!!!

JT riding the Merry Go Round.

This series of pictures cracked me up. I was trying to get a shot with all 4 boys. I have yet to get one I really LOVE. As you can see Gabe is so confused by the toy snake that JT has.

I finally get the boys to look at me....Gabe says nope what is that yellow thing???

Here is me trying to get closer to get Gabe to turn my way....again UH NO mom!!!

JT with his snake!! He won it playing one of the fair games. I don't like those games, but Bradley took him to play while Matthew, Greg and I rode California Screaming. Lucky...that pretty much sums up our trip. We had a GREAT time. There was some fighting with Greg and JT, but other than that it was very successful. The drive there and back as well. I just love having all of us together!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Can we say drool.....

Ok so holy cow I have NEVER seen so much drool in my least not that I can remember!!! Gabe is spending most of his days drooling in his bed, on his clothes, all over's hysterical! His gums are not even the least bit white. In other words pretty sure we are NOT getting any teeth! I really hope this doesn't go on too long cause WOW it's messy!! Plus he has started waking up one time a night again for the past two nights....he eats a 4 oz bottle and then crashes. Odd thing is he eats the bottle in less than 5 minutes. So I am not sure if we are on a growth spurt or what?? He does seem extra heavy to me these days!!!

Oh how I love that little face. Looks like he has something in his cheeks he is saving for later!! Still can't tell what color his eyes are or what they will be. They are not brown, but certainly not blue either. Maybe a hazel?? They are just so big and his lashes so long!!!