Monday, June 1, 2009

Can we say drool.....

Ok so holy cow I have NEVER seen so much drool in my least not that I can remember!!! Gabe is spending most of his days drooling in his bed, on his clothes, all over's hysterical! His gums are not even the least bit white. In other words pretty sure we are NOT getting any teeth! I really hope this doesn't go on too long cause WOW it's messy!! Plus he has started waking up one time a night again for the past two nights....he eats a 4 oz bottle and then crashes. Odd thing is he eats the bottle in less than 5 minutes. So I am not sure if we are on a growth spurt or what?? He does seem extra heavy to me these days!!!

Oh how I love that little face. Looks like he has something in his cheeks he is saving for later!! Still can't tell what color his eyes are or what they will be. They are not brown, but certainly not blue either. Maybe a hazel?? They are just so big and his lashes so long!!!