Friday, June 26, 2009

Pacifier (pie-pie) or Thumb

Ok I have always been a HUGE fan of the pie-pie. Brad had one til he was 3. My best friend in Atlanta, Shanna, and her son Austin guilted him into making his go away. She was watching him one day and they made him feel bad about having it and poof it was gone. Funny thing was like a year later she found where it was hidden!! :) We didn't have too much of a hard time with him after that so it was a good thing.

Greg had his pie-pie until he was 4!! I bought him a bunch of toys and told him if he would throw them all away I would give the toys to him. For a few weeks he said no thank you. Finally one day I had the flu and I was stuck in bed and ALL the toys were just sitting there. He said mommy I want those toys. I told him all the pie-pie's in the trash. And low and behold he threw EVERY single one of them away. Off to play with his toys he NEVER asked for it again.

Then I had JT. I tried to push the pie-pie on him, but he wanted NOTHING to do with it. He was a self soother. He didn't use his thumb either. He wanted no part with any of it. It kind of made me sad since sometimes you REALLY need something to plug them up! :)

Now on to Gabe. He has been taking his pie-pie no problem until about a week ago. When he found his thumb. Oh what a battle it has been. Everytime I see him with his thumb in his mouth I grab a pie-pie. As you can see from the below pictures he now sucks his thumb WHILE the pie-pie is in his mouth. I am going to win this battle....well I sure hope I do!!!!

Gabe chilling with his pie-pie....

Gabe says uh no guys I will suck my thumb and pie-pie....

Yah he won this time, but I am determined to WIN this!!!! :)

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