Monday, April 26, 2010

Gabe wants to be big....

Guess it is hard having older brothers who play sports. Every chance Gabe has to either have a lacrosse stick in his hand or a football he takes it.
This stick was a bit big...he has one that is smaller, but of course he loves Greg's.
Another shot with the stick...a little too big.

Gabe trying to play football....

Look at that smile. Gabe recently had tubes put in his ears and although it hasn't gone very well we are hoping he gets better soon. He really isn't talking yet which is fine with the other three always talking, but it would be nice if he would say momma or daddy. :) He is 14 months and all. :) The doctor said he should catch up with his speech in the next one to two months. He said it was like Gabe has been living under water so it was hard for him to hear sounds the correct way. It is amazing in just one week the sounds he is making. He says uh oh, but now he is trying to say, "pi pi" for his paci and baby which of course is him!!!! He says it more like ba beeee.....He still has no teeth. I am guessing that is next!!!!

Happy Easter!

On February 21, 2010 Gabe took his first steps. It took almost a month for him to really get the hang of it, but now that he has watch out. He is for sure on the move and no stopping him!!!

My friend, Gina, got him these music toys for his birthday. He loves all the sounds they make!

Shake Shake Shake!

This is my cousin's dog, Dingo. Gabe was trying to give him kisses!

My cousin holding Gabe and dingo...I love the stare contest the two of them are having.

Me and my baby cousin, Dj with Gabe!!! We had a very low key Easter!! It was nice to just relax.

JT and flag football

I think living in a house full of boys who all play sports makes it hard on the little ones to NOT give it a try. Last year we tried JT at t-ball and he was bored to tears. This year he wanted to play flag football. I wasn't too sure if he was ready, but after his first game I knew he would be a natural. :)

Jt getting ready to pull flags...
Even Gabe came out to cheer on his brother!

Look at that face. He is so determined.

All he wants is the flag!!!

Not this time. Of course he has pulled a few flags now and of course I have yet to get it on film. I will keep trying!!!

Park time fun!

We decided to head to the park recently. It was really Gabe's first time playing at the park. It was a little windy and I am still not sure he knew what to make of it, but he seemed to have a good time!

He wasn't sure about the wood chips at all!! He kept shaking his hands off.

Brad came along to shoot hoops. His newest idea is to play basketball. We keep telling him football and lacrosse is enough, but sometimes its hard to stop him!

Gabe's first time down the slide. His face was cracking me up. He almost looks scared there.

Bradley was there to catch him. Still not 100% sure if that was fun or not.

Ok never mind that was fun!!!

Jt giving Gabe some love. He is such a proud big brother!

Jt going across the monkey bars. All I kept seeing was a visit to the ER with a broken arm, but so far so good.....

And he makes it all the way!! Go JT!!!!

Grandpa's happy birthday!

We had Grandpa over for his birthday! Now that it is getting so nice outside all Gabe wants to do is play out back. For some reason when he is outside he makes the funniest faces.

Three generations of Heverling guys!!!!

Look at that lip!

JT even got in on the fun!!! My silly boys!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! Nothing like strawberry shortcake with a candle!!!! :)