Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Easter!

On February 21, 2010 Gabe took his first steps. It took almost a month for him to really get the hang of it, but now that he has watch out. He is for sure on the move and no stopping him!!!

My friend, Gina, got him these music toys for his birthday. He loves all the sounds they make!

Shake Shake Shake!

This is my cousin's dog, Dingo. Gabe was trying to give him kisses!

My cousin holding Gabe and dingo...I love the stare contest the two of them are having.

Me and my baby cousin, Dj with Gabe!!! We had a very low key Easter!! It was nice to just relax.

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Turbo said...

Oh my gosh, Gabe is too adorable. And so fun to see DJ--I think he was seriously like 4 the last time I saw him.