Monday, April 26, 2010

Gabe wants to be big....

Guess it is hard having older brothers who play sports. Every chance Gabe has to either have a lacrosse stick in his hand or a football he takes it.
This stick was a bit big...he has one that is smaller, but of course he loves Greg's.
Another shot with the stick...a little too big.

Gabe trying to play football....

Look at that smile. Gabe recently had tubes put in his ears and although it hasn't gone very well we are hoping he gets better soon. He really isn't talking yet which is fine with the other three always talking, but it would be nice if he would say momma or daddy. :) He is 14 months and all. :) The doctor said he should catch up with his speech in the next one to two months. He said it was like Gabe has been living under water so it was hard for him to hear sounds the correct way. It is amazing in just one week the sounds he is making. He says uh oh, but now he is trying to say, "pi pi" for his paci and baby which of course is him!!!! He says it more like ba beeee.....He still has no teeth. I am guessing that is next!!!!

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