Monday, April 26, 2010

Park time fun!

We decided to head to the park recently. It was really Gabe's first time playing at the park. It was a little windy and I am still not sure he knew what to make of it, but he seemed to have a good time!

He wasn't sure about the wood chips at all!! He kept shaking his hands off.

Brad came along to shoot hoops. His newest idea is to play basketball. We keep telling him football and lacrosse is enough, but sometimes its hard to stop him!

Gabe's first time down the slide. His face was cracking me up. He almost looks scared there.

Bradley was there to catch him. Still not 100% sure if that was fun or not.

Ok never mind that was fun!!!

Jt giving Gabe some love. He is such a proud big brother!

Jt going across the monkey bars. All I kept seeing was a visit to the ER with a broken arm, but so far so good.....

And he makes it all the way!! Go JT!!!!

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