Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Post Full of Pictures!

On Mother's Day my mother-in-law came over to teach me how to make sauce. She is 100% Italian and makes YUMMY sauce. I like when she brings me sauce on Sunday's, but now that Brad asks for it more than that I decided it was time I learned how to make it myself. This is JT enjoying the YUMMY sauce....

It was too funny. He ate his whole dinner with the backpack on and the sunglasses. What a nut!

Yes, sometimes Gabe does cry. It's not often, but he even looks cute crying....

I was trying to get some random smiling pictures, but instead he gave me the serious look...

JT saw me taking pictures and wanted one of him too!! What is so funny is Gabe turned right around to stare at his big brother. :)

Gabe is now sitting on the couch. Of course he has the cushion to hold him up, but he does it with no other help!!

His GQ pose....

His giggly goo laugh

I started thinking we only had first bath pictures and decided we needed some new ones. We had to buy him a new bathtub. The first one we had he didn't like. I think he always felt like he was falling. Poor guy, but the new one he seems to really like!!!

JT just finished his baseball season. These pictures were taken at his last game. I thought in the end he did really well, but he is for sure not ready for sports!! :)

Gabe found his tongue the other day. Out of the blue he just started to act like a snake! Here are some funny pictures of him showing us what he had just learned!!!

Some other awesome new things from little Gabers...he is sleeping thru the night now. We put him down around 8pm and between 10-11 when we go to bed we feed him 4 oz. of food and he now sleeps until 6 or 630am. I am so grateful for the sleep!! I feel like I can do anything with that much rest! School is out for the kids on Wednesday. Brad has lacrosse all summer. Not sure what Greg or JT are going to do.
Some other exciting things are coming up as well. I will try and be better!!


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Can you stop by my house in Alabama and teach me to make "sauce" since my girl says she's going to marry this Italian boy..... I need to get a head start in teaching her! Thanks!!!

That Gabe is huge.....he's grown so much.... and just the cutest thing!

Beth said...

Ok you got it! As soon as I make it myself. Haha! I had the PRO with me...I have yet to try it myself. :)

Thanks about Gabe...he's such a sweet baby!!! Love him!