Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh where or where has the time gone....

I can't believe that I haven't posted in two weeks! Life is so busy right now with the four guys! With Bradley having football three times a week, Greggory doing Lacrosse thankfully only on Sundays and JT doing T-ball two days a week it seems like it is non-stop action! Thankfully Gabe takes it all in stride!

Tonight we were at one of Bradley's football games and it was a tied game and Bradley threw a 15-20 yard pass to his friend Christian who just happened to be in the in-zone and a touchdown occured. Game over and all of the parents were screaming and yelling like we just won the Super Bowl and Gabe slept in the sling the whole time. Didn't move once. He's just AWESOME!!!! We also went to a Bar Mitzvah today. These two pictures of Greg are from that. He had so much fun!!!

JT had his ice creams social at his preschool and this was the ONLY picture I could get. He ran around the playground so much I couldn't stop him. As you can see he is in a cage petting the animals so it was a bit easier!

JT wanted me to take his picture being a super hero!! He had his cape on and his HULK HANDS! Now if only he could snap his fingers and his playroom be cleaned up!!!

I finally got Gabe to give me the REAL smile. The first picture he was thinking about it, but by the second one....


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