Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on new baby life....

So far so good....that is how life has been since little Gabriel made his GRAND entrance. :) He has been a sweet baby and the boys seem to be doing ok with him. Greggory's favorite thing to do is hold him as much as possible. As you can see from the below picture! JT still isn't sure what to think of him, but I am sure in time he will get it all figured out!

Grammie with Gabriel. We realized we had NO pictures of the two of them together. I swear it is SO hard to remember to take pictures of your 4th!!!!

I was trying to get a good picture of Gabriel and JT said you should take one with ME in it. I totally agree!!! :)

Greggory had a Moments with Mom at school and this was the older boys. Gabriel was home with daddy who was able to take off the whole week and spend it with us. Boy was I sure sad he had to return to work. Sure wish he could stay home FOREVER! Bradley is all dressed up because he made the All-Star football team at his middle school and on game days they have to dress up. Too bad he lost his clothes. Yah, shoes, slacks, belt, shirt and oh the tie Matt wore to our wedding. Oh joy!

Little Gabers taking a rest in the bouncy chair. He prefers to lay down while sleeping. Don't think he stayed like this for long.

Again as you can see Greggory and Gabers. Any chance he can get to hold him. It's so sweet. He is SUCH a GREAT big brother!

This was his Happy Valentine's outfit. I was so excited when I bought it and even MORE excited that it fit! I bought the super small one and I was afraid it would be too small and then too late to buy another one! I bought it back in January.

Bradley holding Gabriel. I realized I didn't have any pictures of him holding the baby either. He isn't as interested in the baby as I thought he would be. I am sure once he starts doing things he will get more excited!

Look at those GIANT hands. Maybe he will be the one who plays basketball. Of all the sports the other guys play None of them have any luck with basketball. Heck they can't even get their clothes in the hamper let alone a ball in a hoop!!!

And last, but certainly NOT least a picture of the two birthday cakes. That is right. One week after Gabriel was born Matthew turned 33 and Bradley 13!!! Ohmigosh! I have a baby and a teenager. How did this happen again? :)
For the most part everything is going pretty well over here. I like to think it's too early to really tell how it will all go, but Gabriel is a very sweet little guy. We are really enjoying having him around and I know I am REALLY enjoying not having to the be the ONLY one carrying him around! :)


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

You look so great.... and I've missed you! Congrats again. You have a beautiful family- teenager and all!!!

Beth said...

Thanks Susan!! I am glad to be back...blogging and if I could just get a little more sleep!! :)

Anne_Marie said...

Thanks for all the great work with pictures and comments. Also thank you for reminding us old times to check in here. time just keeps going by so fast keeping up with the day seems like a lot. I remember thinking when I raised 2 girls I thought wen i get old it will be so nice. Now I know enjoy every day for all it is worth. It was so good to see pictures of all of you, thanks. Life here is good we are getting ready to leave for Mo the end of April.