Sunday, July 19, 2009

New happenings in our fifth month!!!

There has been a lot going on in our house this summer!! Gabe just keeps getting bigger and bigger. (sigh) The other night while feeding him his banana's I had him in the Bumbo. Yeah that was short lived as he will NOT sit in it anymore. Every time you put him in there he tries to stand up!!!

Gabe sitting nicely in the Bumbo for like 1 minute!!!!
Now he is busy digging his heels on the table so he can get out!!!
Almost...his bottom no longer sitting at all. I decided that it was no longer safe and had daddy get out the big boy highchair.
Gabe was waiting for the new highchair. Since daddy was doing something he stopped to watch.

Our new high chair. He really didn't know what to think!!! You can see he looks a little confused! Ha!

All done and mommy took a big shot of Gabe!! He looks like such a big boy in this!!

A week ago my mom and I took the boys shopping for some clothes. Carter's was having a HUGE sale and I just LOVE their clothes and their prices!!!! The boys got matching outfits and when JT saw Gabe in his this morning he hurried up and got dressed!! It's so cute and JT is so proud!!!

JT insisted he take this picture. I was still in my pjs and not really up for a picture, but LOVE Gabe's face!! Love the serious look!

Gabe doing some exersaucer time. He loves this thing. Can play for up to 20 minutes which is such a life saver sometimes!!! Especially when I am trying to prepare meals for the others!

I swear it looks like he is trying to say "cheese" here!!! ;)

Tonight was Gabe's first swim! I am not sure why we have not taken him sooner, but oh my!! He LOVED it. He was in the pool for at least 30 minutes and didn't make one peep. Just smiled and smiled and smiled. It was so cute!!!

Greg took a swim too with Gabe. This is without goggles....his eyes match the water!! So beautiful!

Greg with goggles!!

He would NOT stop smiling. Love it!!!

Then he thought he would try and escape. No kidding. He was trying to get himself out of the crab...

Trying so hard to escape....

He thinks he can he thinks he can....
Daddy took him out so he could just swim. They did this for another 15 minutes. He had so much fun. I brought him in and got him all ready for bed. He fell asleep taking his night bottle. Can I say he NEVER does that. It was just too funny. Guess all the pool time REALLY made him tired. I am thinking we will have to do that more often!!!

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