Monday, June 30, 2008

Another lacrosse trip down...1 more to go!

We have just returned from LA where I had the privilege of watching my oldest play lacrosse all weekend. I have to admit I watched a lot, but I also spent much of the time enjoying the high temps of 70 degrees and the other wonderful parents we got to hang with!! Remember my last trip where the boys were making me crazy?? I met one of their parents and wouldn't you know it...I LOVED them! Ha! Even got to tell them about our crazy adventures.

I have also been enjoying keeping "the secret". Some more people have been told or found out, but for the most part it is still on the down low. I kind of like knowing that I know something you may or may not know! :) Plus since I am still not 100% sure how excited the other three are going to be I figure the longer I keep it under wraps the closer it will be to time!

I still haven't figured out how I want to use this blog. Thinking mostly to update family/friends, but I also feel like I need a place to go to share my feelings. Some place to just vent or talk about what's going on. Right now since no one is really reading I am still trying to get it how I want it. Hopefully that will come to me soon!


McMommy said...

The blog is a great place to just come "let it all out"! It can have so many I can understand your dilemma about what to use it for.

nevertheless, I hope you don't mind if I stop by occasionally to check in and say hi!

Beth said...

Of course!! I just read blogs like yours and LOVE them and hope I can accomplish that one day with this! :)