Monday, June 16, 2008

When did I become this person??

OK, so we went to Park City for Bradley's lacrosse tournament. It was beautiful and a great time had by all. However, there were some kids traveling without parents. For whatever reason some kids just came to play and some parents just couldn't be there. Right next door to us in our hotel room was a group of 4 boys with NO parents. Normally I would be fine with this...I mean come on I am a young hip mom. Sadly though it went something like this... Thursday night I was up half the night because my neighbors just couldn't sleep. I let this go. Boys just being boys. I am truly OK with this. That is until morning when I am so exhausted I can hardly stand up! Guess I am more used to the 8 hours of sleep I get every night. I decide I can take this and say nothing. Even after one of the boys pulled his pants down and mooned my son, while I was standing there!!!! He somehow didn't see the adult standing there??? Now we are gearing up for night number 2. We all went to a picnic for dinner and I was hoping these boys would be a little more tired. I mean come on they played lacrosse all day after not sleeping...surely they will be tired because GOD knows I was exhausted! Fast forward to 11:30pm when I look at my husband and say that's it...I am going in!!! So here I am in my pj's none the less and I come out of my room and yell at these boys....PLEASE SHUT UP! It is late and some people need REST! Ugh...I come back in the room and I would like to say that I felt better, but truly all I kept thinking was when did I become MY parents???? I am happy to say within 10 minutes those boys didn't make another peep! Of course the next day at the airport the boys were caught by me misbehaving once again and thankfully the "evil" eye worked that time!!!!!!


Jessica said...

Oh you are totally cool. I "mom" other people's kids all the time. Case in point; Hope it helps to know you're not the only one--it doesn't make you unhip!

Beth said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement because this weekend we head to LA for another lacrosse tournament and I am sure there will be more good times! :)