Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am going to write a book....

I have decided that I am going to write a book. I am going to title it, It's not that hard. Because really people lately everything I seem to try and do is just THAT hard. Let me give you a few examples.

I am the maid in the house if you will. No one lifts a finger around here. My husband takes care of the outside of the house so we will give him that, but the inside it's my domain. It's not that my husband or kids don't want to help I just won't let them. Call it OCD call it whatever you want HOWEVER....

It's not that hard if you take something out of the fridge, empty it into a glass and throw it away. Please DO NOT leave just a little bit in there so you don't have to throw it away. It's not that hard.

It's not that hard to take something out of the medicine cabinet like toothpaste, use it and put it right back. It's just not that hard!

It's not that hard to look in your backpack afterschool, see you have homework, and do it. Not wait until the last minute and then stress me out. It's not that hard.

It's not that hard to get in your car and drive the speed limit at least. (I prefer 10 miles over, but whatever I'll take speed limit) It's not that hard.

It's not that hard to run into Target for a few things and NOT buy a stinkin toy. It' not that hard.

As you can see I can go on and on about this subject. I have been very overwhelmed lately with work and kids and trying to find a balance with my hubby. I feel like I am working every night until 10pm just as we are going to bed. The kids have me running everywhere with sports and school. My job..don't even get me started about my job. I know I should be thankful I am busy because there are plenty of people who are NOT busy who do what I do...but why all at once?? Where was everyone two months ago when I needed more work!!! And did I mention baby #4???? What am I going to do with him?? Oh well.

I have found in life most things find a way of just working themselves out and I know this too shall pass. Just say an extra prayer for me would ya...cause I'm going crazy over here!!! :)

On a side note I had my BIG ultrasound if you will and baby is still a boy. The tech just kept saying I am sure glad we did this two weeks ago becuase the entire time she was trying to do the ultrasound today I was having contractions. Yah, I am 19 weeks. Doctor said they were fine. OK!


Cheryl said...

Take something out and put it back??? Are you kidding! Tell my 13 year old son this and he says "Mom, that's not really my specialty".

Hmmmm :)

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Beth said...

Haha! LMAO....It just boggles my mind. BOYS I tell ya! :) Thanks for the congrats. I am thinking this time around I might just need it!!

Amy said...

Wow we could switch homes and you could still write your book! Not a good future for me. :-) I was in hysterics as I read it this time, Louis didn't realize what I was laughing so hard about until I made him read it too. Only two more months, is the little guy being nice to you?

Megryansmom said...

I came from Cheryl's blog. It's just me and hubby he can't put things away because he might do it wrong. I did a post on this, a few days back.