Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hi, my name is Beth

And I have a few addictions! They are the following: Blogging, twitter, and facebook. Now I will tell you why!!

I started reading other people's blogs when a friend of mine started hers about her journey with her preemie son. Jill over at Our Miracle Boy. Her son was born at 24 weeks and that is how I keep up with her and John's wonderful life! She soon had a very large blog role and I started to read many of the families.

Somehow I then found other people that I really fell in love with like Cheryl at
The Daily Blond and McMommy at
The McMommy Chronicles and of course there is Happy Hour Sue at Happy Meals & Happy Hours and well so many more I can't even mention them all. I started to comment on their blogs and then something happened. Yes, that's right....

Twitter happened.Suddenly at any given time I had real people to talk to about real things like...what people were wearing at the Emmy's or the VMA's or even silly things like this This guy even tells me you are no one if you don't twitter!

Suddenly, my husband was asking, "who keeps texting you"? I swear I think he thinks I have a boyfriend. He just doesn't understand the twitter. I even learned about sweet tea and vodka a.k.a. firefly vodka and as soon as I have this baby I am getting me some. My friend William at Back to Barnwell told me all about it!!!

Lastly, I have grown quite addicted to because I have had the chance to connect with people from when I was a kid growing up back in Marietta, Georgia. People I went to elementary school, middle school and even high school with. And you know what....they all have children, they all look amazing and everyone just seems to be so happy!! How can you not become addicted to that??? Who doesn't love seeing their friends (old and new) happy.

I feel so much better now that I have admitted that I have a problem. Any thoughts on a cure?


Cheryl said...

Love ya' back! You're awesome. Strange, I have similar addictions!!!!

HappyHourSue said...

Hey! Thanks for the link love! I know- I have to turn Twitter off my phone on the weekends - my husband gets totally jealous.

I routinely say "one of my Twitter friends..." or "one of my blogger friends..." and my stepson finally said: I thought I was a geek for playing xbox360. But I don't actual call them my FRIENDS.

you guys are my friends, right?

Beth said...

We are SOOO your friend!! Don't ever doubt that! :) I do the same thing and it's usually my husband who rolls his eyes at me! Like how can your friends live in your computer?? :)

McMommy said... grew up in Marietta??? One of my bestest friends when I was little moved away to Marietta when I was little! I wonder if you know her???

So happy to be a part of your addiction! Also, I LOVE that you are on makes it so easy to "talk", you know??

BacktoBarnwell said...

Thanks for the link! Um so you need a cure? WHYYYYY? Just sit back, write your heart out (studies show that keeping a blog can lower all kinds of health risks like stress and blood pressure), tell us about the baby kicks, and your doctor visits, and when that baby comes, we will get you some firefly vodka, and have a cyber happy hour. Ok, that may be a bit creepy, but soon enough, I'll bet it will be mainstream. Until then, lets gravel in the fact that we are up to date with the blog/twitter/facebook world, and that we are slowly learning the html codes! But, you need a picture (avatar) on Twitter now!

Megryansmom said...

I just don't get Facebook, I want to, but I don't get it.

Tenakim said...

There is no cure! It just gets worse and worse! My husband doesn't really like it and makes fun, too- who cares- so I have friends that live in my computer!

Is this baby a girl? I have 3 girls and 1 boy- you deserve a girl!

Beth said...

It is actually another boy!! That's right...4 boys! I swear it's the last!! :)

disa said...