Monday, December 8, 2008

Trying to find the holiday spirit

So since my last post I have been trying VERY hard to take it one day at a time. The stress was getting to be quite crazy. I just REALLY needed to finish everything on my list so I could just sit back and enjoy. Yesterday, I passed on attending Brad's end of the year football party. I just couldn't see how that was good use of time. I mean it's always great attending those parties, but I had so many things to do!!!

We took the time yesterday to hang the outside lights (thanks Mom and Dad for your help) and I took the time to clean the inside and then decorate!!! It sure felt good to get that all done. I ordered the Christmas cards (sadly they won't be here til next week sometime) and even got the Lacrosse "mom" stuff done. I woke up today feeling energized and wonderful.

Here are some pictures of the tree. We decorated the tree tonight. Obviously JT was WAY more excited about it than the older boys. They just wanted to hang the ornaments and JT was just happy posing for pictures!!! ;)

So in light of everything I think I have it under control as of now so please please please don't let anything stand in my way til the 25th!!!! :) I know what will happen will happen!! A girl can dream though can't she??

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Amy said...

Awesome, I'm glad that you got it up!!