Monday, December 1, 2008

Just a bit overwhelmed!!!

So lately I have been feeling VERY overwhelmed. I am not really sure why either. I don't feel my life has gotten any crazier or any busier, I think it's mostly because in my head I realize that in 9 weeks I will have to take care of one more person. I think it is truly messing with my head! Now don't get me #4 was totally planned and I couldn't be more excited about a new baby in our family, but somewhere in my head all I can think is WOW how am I going to do this??

You see because a typical day in my house includes the following:

Up first to shower. If I let hubby take a shower first he uses all the hot water.
Off to drink some coffee and read the paper. Start the muffins or cinnamon rolls if that is what we are having
Wake up boys to get ready for school
Feed them breakfast
Then we are off to do hair, brush teeth, make beds, etc.
Take kids to school
Come home and work
Straighten up house while making lunch for JT and me
Pick up child from school
Later pick up another child from school after some sport thing he does (i.e. track, football)
Rush dinner on the table
Either help with homework or take oldest to some other sport thing (i.e. football or lacrosse)
Give little one bath
Work some more to get ready for the next day
Watch TIVO stuff if I can stay awake

That's it. Everyday. Of course weekends there is laundry and cleaning. Every weekend I dust the whole house, clean bathrooms, vacuum, clean floors, etc. I can't stop from doing it. Tried to go every other week and couldn't handle it. Tried to hire someone to clean, but just kept cleaning anyone so figured that was silly.

This weekend I wanted to get my Christmas decorations up. Yah, that didn't happen. Every day we had something else going on and I just couldn't find the energy.

I am not trying for this post to come across like I am whining (ok maybe a little) but I just needed to vent. Thinking if I could get it out of my head and onto paper (or the Internet) then maybe I can just go back to getting motivated and moving forward!!

I already feel a little better. :) I just realize that things won't always be able to be perfect and in my head I think that's ok. Just wish I wasn't so OCD!!! I am working on it though. Or am I???

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