Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Jt!!!

Happy 4th birthday buddy! I truly can't believe that 4 years have past. To think that 4 years ago you came into our has it gone fast. I remember when I was younger and life seemed to move so slow (when was Christmas vacation, spring break, and last day of school) and now I just try and understand how time can move so fast....

Here is a picture of your brothers meeting you for the first time. Ooh they were so proud and still are. You are such a great little brother. For the most part you make us laugh.. A LOT! You are such a big boy. No one believes you just turned 4. You wear size 6 clothes!!! You already have a great sense of humor and you for sure roll with the punches. You have finally decided to start trying to learn your letters. For the longest time you have fought with me and then suddenly you wanted to know which letter was what. :) You have now decided after 4 years of calling my name in the morning that you are big enough to come out of your room, head to your playroom and watch TV until I join you. You give tons of kisses and hugs. Your favorite thing to do it play outside with your friends. You could do that for hours. You just started to notice babies which is a good thing since we are having one. We haven't told you yet though. You are smart enough to know something is going on, but we haven't sat you down yet. You might not stop asking me when your new brother will arrive. ;) I figure we still have some time (like 10 weeks). You are such a helper. If I am making a bed you want to do teamwork. If I am taking the dishes out of the dishwasher you want to hand them to me. We are still working on cleaning up your playroom, but that is mostly mommy's fault because EVERYTHING has a place and I need it to go there! :) You love to take baths and want to know why you can't swim now in the pool. I am so incredibly lucky to have you. I love you so very much!!!!

Here are some random pictures from the party. We had it at Pump It Up since all you EVER want to do is bounce!!!

The girl at the store made the wrong cake. It's a good thing I have gotten older and stress less because I picked up your cake 1 hour before the party. The girl who made it was mortified but I told her no worries and could I please have the Power Ranger items we had requested. :) So you not only had a Madagascar cake, but we added the Rangers to it as well!!!!! You loved it!

This was taken before you started opening all of your wonderful gifts. You received so many wonderful things and the day was a huge success!!! I am so happy that you had fun. I love you and Happy Birthday!

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