Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a week!!!

My week started off last Saturday night....I was late getting to Bradley's football game because well it was his 2nd round playoff game and I get too nervous for him. He is the quarterback and I just hate watching him if I think the game will be at all tough for him. Sorry I am a sucker and want him to win every time!! So back to the story...I am late and my friend texts me and says, "you are gonna be so mad at your ex". I text back, "ok why". She texts back "you have to see to believe". So Matt and I show up at half time and there on the field is MY son with a Mohawk. I must admit I came slightly unglued. Ok REALLY unglued. His dad knew I would say no so they decided to not ask me. Then when I became angry he sorta laughed...UGH! (he kept it all week and started to hate it (haha) so his dad took him today and got it shaved off)

JT this week could only go to school on Thursday because he was having "bathroom issues" the other days. Have no idea, but for one week we had a relapse of what it was like to wear diapers. I even took him to the Dr. to find out he had a sinus infection and to be honest I was pretty shocked. I knew his cough was bad, but thought that was all and just a repeat of last year where he was sick from October-March. So now he is on antibiotics and hopefully on the road to recovery.

My mom had surgery on Friday. Thankfully she is one tough cookie and is now recovering at home after spending last night at the hospital. Greggory is staying with her so he can take care of her. Maybe he will be a doctor one day? Or maybe help save the world??? Oh heck I don't know!!!

I went to the dermatologist this week to have the moles checked out. There was one spot on my throat that had to be removed. Haven't heard back yet on the spot though. It was a patchy dry spot on my throat. Been there maybe a year or so. I really thought moles were the only problem. Guess I learned that you just need to make sure you get yourself checked regularly. Too many people are finding out they have melonoma and it scares me to death!!! Especially since I spent the majority of my youth in the sun baking!!!

The highlight of my week (thankfully there was one) was getting together with two of my highschool friends from Georgia. Well heck we knew each other long before highschool, but because of facebook I have found so many of my "old" friends and the best was finding out that one of my most favorite people actually lives 10 minutes from me here in Arizona!!! :) Another one of our friends was in town for a work convention so the three of us headed to dinner and oh what fun we had!!! Sometimes you just need to laugh and oh did we laugh!!! I will post a picture as soon as one of them sends it to me! :) I forgot my camera. Probably was the horrible bandaid I had on my throat that made me forget....

This coming week is going to be crazy. Kids crazy, work crazy, and if you can believe it...JT's 4th birthday crazy. Yikes where has the time gone?? Just boggles my mind how fast these kids grow up.

I still am working on a Halloween post and the big I am 4 post. Hope to get those completed soon!!

I did finally get the guest room "new baby's room" cleaned out so my father-in-law can paint it. It took all day today, but it's almost ready. Of course I didn't order the furniture until this week and it takes 10-12 weeks to get it!!! Oh well. At least when the baby comes home it has somewhere to sleep until the furniture arrives...

That's all for now!!!


Amy said...

That is funny about the furniture, we did the same thing with Aiden!! I love facebook too, I'm totally addicted. Hey less than 19 days, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Greggory ends up a doctor too!

Beth said...

Wouldn't it be nice if he did?? I am not holding my breath since he hates school just as much as I did!!! :) At this point I am just hoping the furniture store doesnt go out of business before I get it!!! I had to pay 1/2 up front which worries me in THIS economy!