Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Eggs and Bumbo chairs

JT is VERY excited this year about Easter. He must remember from last year all of the candy he received. That boy LOVES him some candy!! Sometimes that is all he talks about. He likes all kind, but chocolate is NOT his favorite. Her prefers things like lollipops or starburst. He wanted to color eggs so I thought how hard can it be with a 9 year old and a 4 year old. Ha! Even now as I am writing this I am laughing to myself. JT was pitching a fit because he thought Greg got more eggs than him...had better colors than him, etc. Funny thing was the next morning on the way to school he kept saying how much fun he had!!! :)
Boys really trying to make their eggs nice. I bought the wrong pack of egg color. I thought I bought the normal boring one, but I bought this tie-dyed one and we couldn't follow the directions because it was too complicated so we were trying to make it work!!
Finished eggs. LOVE the bright colors!!!!
That same day I was giving Gabe some Bumbo time. I am trying to get him to sit up straighter. Every time you put him in there he cute and getting SO big!!!

He just wasn't sure what to think. I just like seeing him sitting up so big!! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!!

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