Monday, April 13, 2009

What a wonderful Easter!

For Easter we went to Matt's brother's house. Not only did we have delicious food the kids also had a blast with their Easter Egg hunt, bouncy house and play set!!!

JT searching the yard for eggs. He found many and they were all filled with CANDY! Yah!
Here is Greg on top of the play set. He found an egg up there!!!

JT just chilling at the top of the slide!!!
Bradley and I after the egg hunt. I am also holding Gabe in the sling. He slept the entire time! What a good boy!

Matt and I enjoying the sunshine!!! It was a GORGEOUS Arizona day!

The kids playing the bouncy house. After I took this picture I read the weight limits on the back and told Bradley he had to exit. :) It couldn't hold more than 200 pounds and with just MY three kids in there we were over capacity!
JT had a blast playing on the play set. What a fun day. We all came home and took naps. Much needed naps I might add!!!

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