Thursday, September 17, 2009

The new additions to the playroom

Over Labor Day weekend I decided I want to redecorate the playroom. I wanted the kids to have more room to play. JT has had the playroom to himself for the past 2 years, but soon enough little Gabe will be tearing it up in there with him! So trying to get it ready for that day, but not on that day so JT doesn't feel like he is taking over I decided to move the couch out. I also moved the TV around to give optimal playing room. I think this is much better.

You can see we have a TON of toys. It seems that a lot of the toys were Brads or Greg's and now have been handed down to JT and soon Gabe.
JT wanted to show you all cuddled up...:)

This is the new chair picture. Gabe and JT got new chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. We have to say thanks to the Grandma's. We love you!!!

Just missing Brad. It sure is hard to get everyone together anymore for a picture.

Gabe loves his new chair!! So big.....

JT showing off his new chair that has his favorite....a Stars Wars character!!!!

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