Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recap of Thanksgiving and November and such...

This year for Thanksgiving we had it at our house. My mom flew to Chicago to be with my brother, niece and nephew so we had over the in-laws, my cousin and a friend. It was a very relaxing day as I didn't have to cook too much. I made my Mom's famous stuffing (not as good when she doesn't make it) and my awesome creamed corn...(Yum) Probably drank too much wine but isn't that what Thanksgiving is for?

This man and his crazy smile. His shirt says thankful for mommy!! I hope so!
This is Gabe cracking himself up. I don't even remember what was so funny, but oh boy it was!

Our delicious turkey courtesy of the in-laws. Yummy!!!

Here is a picture of almost all my favorite boys!! JT was with his dad. I love having my cousin, DJ, living in Phoenix!!

This is where Brad's team played the State Championship in Tucson, Arizona. It didn't matter if we won or loss because Tucson declined to travel to Orlando, Florida even if they won. However, yah we beat them!!!! Go Firebirds!!

Brad with the State Championship trophy. Now if only all the players got one of those!!

This picture truly makes me smile. My son is growing all up right before my eyes. What amazes me in this picture is 1. he is for sure taller than me now and 2. I think we kinda look alike. I don't know if I ever really saw it before. People would say to him or me that we did, but this picture I can really see it!! I can't believe in 2 months he will be 14. 14....

We also celebrated JT's birthday in November. This was him opening up a present. The expression on his face just cracks me up. Oh how he loves gift opening!!! Especially with friends!

Here is such a great picture. Since he got the DS for his birthday we just kept his party to family and his best friends. Brad is missing because of course he was at football practice!! Such handsome boys!!

JT blowing out the candle on his homemade cake! He loved it!! See who needs expensive store bought cakes anyway. :)

Gabe was getting in on the pizza eating action. He loves the crusts. I wish he ate more "normal" food, but I am guessing when you are 10 months and still have NO teeth eating "normal" food probably isn't on your list of things you are dying to do!!!

This picture was after the Firebirds won the Regional Game here in Scottsdale.

Here is Brad with the Regional trophy!!! Because of this win he got to go to Orlando, Florida for 8 nights. He is still there as I type this. Too bad for his team because they lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs to a team from Naperville, Illinois. (oddly enough I was born there and my aunt and brother live there) Final score was 32-24. (8 points is a touchdown if you kick not 7 like normal) So heartbreaking for his team and for him, but tomorrow they play their final game for 3rd. I am so proud of him!! Now we are ready for lacrosse season!!!!!!

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Turbo said...

You look about 15 in that picture with Brad. Gorgeous.