Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The one with just Gabe......

The other day Gabe woke up from his nap with his hair just like that. I decided it kinda looked like horns although some might say wings....

In a little over two weeks this man will be one! I have no idea how that has happened! :) Gabe still has NO teeth. That's right. NO teeth. He is crawling and getting into everything. His favorite things to do are take out Tupperware and pots and pans. He plays some with toys, but mostly Greg and JT. His new favorite thing to do is climb the stairs which is always a challenge because he still isn't that great coming down...can we say GATE! :)

I just love when you take out the camera how he poses!! I hope it's always this easy to take such GREAT pictures!!!

I love that you can see him smile thru his pi pi!!!
He still doesn't eat much "normal" food and he mostly just loves his bottles! He is not a very good sleeper still after being almost one!! I just keep hoping and praying on that he does start to sleep better soon!! He does take great naps which is very helpful! He loves to take long walks in his stroller. I mean long walks. I am pretty sure he would stay in the stroller for hours if you just kept walking! Gabe is for the most part pretty cheerful when out and about and pretty loud and silly around the house!!
I just really can't believe almost a year has gone by. Oh how fast they do!!!!!

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