Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One sick boy...

I am not going to lie to you when I tell you that I don't enjoy sick kids. Let's be honest though...how many of us do? I am grateful it's the oldest one who is sick because he is less work, but now I have to worry will everyone else get this strange bizarre unidentified illness? This is how it all started.

Saturday night started with his friend spending the night. This is not something I usually allow because it promotes staying up late and I am not a fan. The staying up late part is ok it's the next morning and the I'm so tired comments that make me crazy. So, Sunday comes and we are a little tired, but we have lacrosse practice so we somehow muster up the energy to go. Come home sleep rest of the day on the couch. Again I get it. He is almost 13 and didn't get much sleep so I don't bother him. Move ahead to dinner time. Suddenly remembers homework while moaning how cold and tired he is. Now I am losing my patience.

Monday morning we get up no problem. Get ready for school, I feel his head and he is cool as a cucumber. Perfect. That is until my cell phone rang at 1pm. "Hi, mom. I have a 101.5 fever and I have to come home. Can you come get me?" he says. Ugh! Sure I would love to come get your sick self and infest the others in this house...:)

So last night besides the time he tried to sneak out to run across the street to his friend's he pretty much laid around and did nothing. At about 8pm I took his temp and now it's 103!!! So I give him some Motrin and off to bed he goes. I was hoping he would wake up today and feel terrific so he could go back to school tomorrow, but well let's just say that dream was killed when he woke up and his temp was 102.5!! You know they say 24 hour fever free before they can come back to school!!!!

So at 1:30pm today think of me as I head to the doctor's with him. Why you ask? Well, every time this child has EVER had a fever....strep throat is ALWAYS the culprit. I figure if it's strep I should know about it now so I can get him on drugs and send him back to school on Thursday.

Did I mention the kids had off last Thursday/Friday for fall break!!! Ugh! Please pray for our family that none of the other children get sick OR the pregnant mommy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? I leave messages and call. You don't love me anymore do you? Jesse erased all my stuff from phone along with your new number. Call me PLEASE. I find it very sad that came across this blog to find out how you are.
Love- Shanna

amanda said...

hoping everyone is feeling well and no on else got the 'bug'!!

Beth said...

thankfully no one else came down with the bug...although I must say I haven't been feeling 100%, but at this point I am blaming it on the flu shot!!