Saturday, October 18, 2008

So what did you do last night?

So last night the hubby and I met some friends with the older two boys at the Arizona State Fair. Now mind you, I went the first year that I lived here in 2000 and it kind of scared me. I had vowed to NEVER go back! However, last year my hubby and his friends couldn't stop talking about these figure 8 races. It did sound intriguing so the older two boys and I decided we would take him up on the invite.

We had no idea how much fun we were gonna have! Oh but we did. Something about cheesy fair rides, more food on a stick than you know what to do with and figure 8 races. Wow! And the boys LOVED it. And I LOVED that the boys LOVED it. So last night we did it again. Here are some of the pictures we took....

We paid extra so we could see the largest PIG....And yes those are his BALLS! :)

Then on to the smallest horse. I had to just stare at him because I swear I thought he was fake. He did move. I was shocked and so were the boys!

When you go the fair you have you eat fair food. (for the record I ate some french fries as I am just not that courageous yet)

The boys trying to NOT look at me while I take their picture!! Here we are riding some fun rides!

He was on his own on this one. Literally....

And when you go the fair you HAVE to see the animals they have. This is the chicken I wanted to take home. Come on admit it he has GREAT hair!!!!!
Last thing we saw were a whole ton of sheep. For some reason this one became the brunt of so many hey can you see that??? :)
So another wonderful time at the fair. I just need someone to tell the thousands of people there that we are in a rescission. No seriously there were SO many people there it was hard to all stay and walk as a group. Then I see in the paper that this year their numbers are down. Really?? LIARS!!! Last year when we went we didn't pay $20 to park and there were not that many people. It's all crazy talk!!!


Jamie and Jill said...

OMG...those balls are huge!!!!! That is too funny:)

Glad you enjoyed the fair...I haven't been in years.

Beth said...

As you can see neither had I! If the boys didn't love it so much trust me I wouldn't be there! :)