Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Greggory and FINALLY a picture of ALL 4 boys!

****I posted twice this morning so keep scrolling on down******

We finally celebrated our LAST February birthday. With Gabe being born on February 5th, Matthew on the 11th, Bradley on the 12th it was nice to make it to the 27th and celebrate with Greggory! It amazes me that he has turned 9. His personality is so like mine sometimes he seems much older and sometimes I think I might go crazy! He loves to play lacrosse and soccer. Loves the X-box and playing World of Warcraft. Most importantly he LOVES his new baby brother. Every chance he can get he wants to hold him and love on him. I can always count on him to get me a pacifier or a hug to me! He is a GREAT big brother and we are so lucky he is part of our lives!!

He wanted an ice cream cake and as you can see we forgot to take it out ahead of time. We had to microwave it just to cut it!!

Greggory getting his blue whale webkinz. He was so excited!

Finally I was able to get a picture of the 4 boys together. Even Gabe seems to be smiling in this one. I am hoping to get more soon. I haven't even sent out announcements yet! I tell you life with 4 sure is pretty crazy. Especially with Bradley playing NON-stop sports!
Gosh I sure love this men!!!! I am one lucky momma!!!

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