Monday, March 23, 2009

JT plays t-ball.....

I sometimes have to wonder where in the world time went! I can't believe that JT is old enough to start playing sports!! Last Saturday he had his first t-ball game. He was so excited. The only thing I don't understand is why every kid has to bat every inning and it doesn't matter how many outs you get?? I guess it also goes without saying that everyone is a "winner". Yah, I don't agree with that either, but what can you do???

JT look so big!!

His first hit off the tee...
Making it to first!

Waiting to advance...

Taking it home!!!!

Sliding into home! He was SO excited and played so well. The kids are 4-6 and JT really seems to enjoy himself. There are a bunch of kids on the team from his dad's neighborhood so I am sure that is what makes it fun as well!!!
Now I just need him to stop growing up!!!

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