Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More baby pictures and fun at bath time!

Gabriel is almost one month old. I know I can't believe tomorrow it will happen! Simply can't imagine my life without him in it! He is such a sweet baby. He loves to be snuggled, but mostly just likes to chill on his own. He is a GREAT eater and I can't wait to see how on Friday how much he weighs. Sad part though is that we have to do our first round of shots. :( Always makes me sad. I am pretty sure he is well over 9 pounds just based on how his clothes fit him now.

This picture was taken right before his first bath. This monkey outfit was the very first item of clothing I bought for him when I found out I was having a boy. Matt LOVES monkeys and it was just too cute to not pass up!
First bath. He LOVED it. Just sat there and "talked" the whole time. It was pretty funny. I wasn't sure what he was going to think, but he really seemed to enjoy it!

Just chilling in the bathtub!

Check out the curls. When I washed his hair I was surprised at how curly it is. I know I have curly hair and so does Greggory, but just seeing it made it more real. I really hope it stays curly. Something about curls on the boys! :)

Everyone else seems to be adjusting around here. Still seems like the other boys don't know too much he is here. I am happy to hear that because soon enough I am sure Gabriel will be making his mark on this family!!! :)

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