Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can't believe I am already here!

I have a 12 year old son. Sometimes I feel too young for a 12 year old, but I guess when you have a baby at 21 you might feel that way sometimes! We have a pretty close relationship. He cracks me up daily with his witty comments. :) This year he started middle school in the 7th grade and oh boy does he love it! Get to hear about his friends and all the "HOT" girls that attend! He is playing football now and is worried about his weight because he only made the recent weigh-in by 5 ounces!! I keep telling him worrying about your weight is not a good place to be and he should just chill....yah easier said than done.

The biggest thing is that I don't have many super close friends who have 12 year olds. See all my friends waited until their late 20's to start the parenting thing so they have kids a bit younger than Greg at 8. So I am the first one to go thru many of these things. Such as do I allow him a myspace page? After a lot of thought I decided sure, but I have to have one too and be on his buddy list. Do I allow him to go to the movies himself? I fought it every step of the way because I know what I did at the movies when I his age, but finally gave in and said fine, but I am picking you up right after the movie is over. Just call me MY dad!!! :)

The recent happening that made me so very sad happened last night. His dad dropped him off from football and as I was talking to his dad in the doorway I see my neighbor walking around her house with a flashlight. I asked her what she was doing (mind you it was 9:30pm) and she said looking for scorpions. She had found a few in her garage and was freaking out. So as I looked down at my front door there was a giant scorpion right next to my ex's foot. I screamed and told him to kill it!!! And then it happened. My 12 year old looked at me with disgust and said, "STOP FREAKING OUT MOM. IT'S NOT LIKE IT WAS COMING IN HERE TO GET US". And there it was. I had embarrassed him. WOW!

It was like in a blink of an eye I just wasn't cool anymore. He was over it this morning, but truly I don't think I am yet!

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