Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

As a mother of three boys there is plenty of fighting and whining around here. At any given time #1 son and #2 son like each other so that means that #3 son is out in the cold. It could be any combination of the three, but as the saying goes....three is a crowd! :) Well, the other night that all changed and even if it was for just one night it was worth it to see it!

Bradley had a football scrimmage on Friday night. He was trying to recover a bad snap (Quarterback talk) and instead of just falling on the ball he recovered it and tried to run. In the meantime three players from the other team tackled him and HARD! He couldn't get up. So there I am sitting in the stands thinking boy I sure prefer him playing goalie for lacrosse! :) So after all the coaches run over, kids take a knee, he is STILL not up. Finally, (I am sure it was only a few minutes, but felt so much longer than that) he gets up, but has his arms around two coaches and he is having a hard time walking. Oh great I think...sprained ankle, broken foot, or maybe even a broken leg....

His dad runs down to the field to check things out. All I see is Bradley wincing in pain and how uncomfortable he looks. After about 10 minutes and when things don't look any better, I grab a cold water and head down myself. He got hit in an area where of course there are no pads on his lower back. He was in a lot of pain and thankfully the game was almost over.

Now on for the sweetest thing part....we get Bradley in the car with the help of his dad and head home. We get home and realize Bradley can't get out of the car so it takes a while and all Greggory keeps saying, "is don't worry Bradley I will take care of you." Bradley decides he needs a shower, but can't get up the stairs so we decide he will take a shower downstairs. Greggory runs upstairs and gets all his stuff from the bathroom; towel, shampoo, and soap for his brother. Helps him get undressed and in the shower. Helps him get dressed after. Helps him to the couch where they will sleep just in case Bradley needs something Greggory can get it. When he wants food Greggory comes and gets me to fix them something. All night. Anything Bradley needed Greggory was there.

It melted my heart. What a GREAT little brother. What love to witness between the two of them. It's just not something I see everyday. Not even weekly. What a joy that I did.

I sure love those boys....all three of them!! On a side note JT was also very worried about his brother, but since he is only three and we HAD to get him in bed he couldn't be as helpful! :)

On another side note...Tuesday is the big day. The day where hopefully the ultrasound tech will be able to tell us what this wonderful baby #4 is....make sure you put your votes in.

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Anonymous said...

I was just catching up on your blog and when I read this I started to cry...and I'm not pregnant anymore, no excuses!! I hope my boys care about each other like that when they are older. You must be doing something right!!:)