Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wanted to give a SHOUT OUT!!!!

Julie and Me!
Meet my friend Julie. Julie and I "met" when I was 9 years old. She was barely 2. We were next door neighbors and I started to baby-sit for her and for her little brother, Marc. Over the years we became more like family. I used to travel with her family and help out with the kids, if they were ever out of town I took care of their dog, and I was even in her wedding when she got married. When Julie was in college she took a job working for a hotel at the front desk. After she graduated she moved up to an event planner type position.

From time to time I would ask her to hook us up with a room where she lives. It is always nice to get away and it's only about 1 1/2 hours from our house. Well, my husband and I decided we needed a night away. It had been awhile since we did just the two of us. Now with baby #4 on the way we decided it was much needed!

So we drive down yesterday to check into the hotel. We get there at 2pm and check-in is at 3pm. They tell us the room isn't ready, but they are in there cleaning now. The hotel is sold out mind you and the lines to check in are VERY long. We walked around, but it was raining and I had a horrible headache so at about 2:45pm I get back into line. I ask the nice front desk guy if the room is ready yet. He calls to housekeeping and says no, not yet about 20 more minutes? I say, "well at 2pm they were in the room and you are telling me they still need 20 minutes"? The nice front desk smiles and says, "ma'am (oooh how I hate that) it is a very large room and takes some time to clean." I say, "ok, no problem just call us and we will find something else to do."

At 3pm they call us and say your room is ready. We look at the map and realize we have never stayed in the area that they have for us so we needed a bellman to take us to our room. We were afraid we would get lost! :) We tell the guy our room number and he says, "what a great room. Stars like Phil Mickelson and the lead singer from Scorpion have stayed in this room." Now Matt and I really like what's going on?? We get to our room and....

It had a foyer with a 1/2 bath, you walk into the living room/dining room with fireplace and a patio. Around the corner is a wet bar with full fridge, the bedroom has it's own door and patio; the bathroom oh my the bathroom. I am pretty sure we could have moved in there and honestly NEVER left. The bathroom had a walk-in closet, jacuzzi tub, huge walk in shower, raised sinks. It was like heaven.

After about 1 1/2 half of being in the room a very nice man came with ice cream, cookies and milk! It was from Julie! I had told her that this baby craved ice cream and she was so thoughtful and had them bring it to me!! We only left the room to grab dinner in the hotel. We even ordered room service this morning just so we didn't have to leave.

So, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Julie. A GIANT thank you!! We had a wonderful time just the two of us. Wish we could have seen you while we were there. I hope you had fun on your trip with your hubby!! I love you Julie!!!

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Jule said...


I'm so glad you and Matt enjoyed yourselves - it was my pleasure! Jon and I wish we could have seen you guys but we'll have to come up to Phoenix next time we have a free weekend. It looks like the lil babe is doing well - keep him/her feed (more icecream?) and can't wait to hear more about him/her!

Love you!