Monday, August 25, 2008

Ugh! I am so HOT!

Just a quick rant because I am driving my awesome hubby CRAZY with my complaining!! Thought maybe if I said it all here I could just stop! The reason for my complaints is that I am SOOOOO done being hot. Let me explain what I mean:

Tuesday: 98/81
Wednesday: 99/82
Thursday: 103/82
Friday: 103/82
Saturday: 99/81
Sunday: 97/79

Everyday with a 20-30% chance of did I mention those may be the temps, but now you have to add in humidity! That's right my friends even though I live in the desert I get humidity this time of year. It's like an added bonus. :)

I understand that I live in the desert; however when the kids go back to school I expect FALL!! I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and this time of year it would be starting to cool off. I just looked at what their temps are and right now it's 70 degrees!!!! Now granted they get more rain and different weather, but people PLEASE enough of the 100!!!!!

Did I also mention that I work from home and I am cheap. My friends love that about me. :) My husband and children not so much. So because I am cheap my downstairs air is set to 82 and the upstairs 80. So not only is it HOT outside it's pretty toasty inside too!!! After 9pm I drop the upstairs to 74. I can't sleep when it's hot in the house!

To be perfectly honest I don't even know where I am going with this except to say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone send me some cooler temps. I will take 90. Yup, there I said it. 90 please!

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