Friday, August 8, 2008

Just one of my pet peeves!

OK for those of you who know me, I mean really really know me, you know that when GOD made me he forgot to add the wonderful ingredient of patience. Just flat out missed me on that one. With that being said there is something that is REALLY bothering me lately. That my friend is the waiting room wait time...

I have been going to the doctor more now that I am pregnant. My wonderful ob/gyn likes to see me every 3 weeks instead of the typical 4 because of the issues I had after delivering the last one. I am not opposed to my doctor taking such good care of me, BUT I want to know why EVERYTIME I go to his office I am stuck waiting one hour just to see him. Today, I had an appointment at 8:40am and I didn't get called back until 9:35am. What? Let me get this straight. At 8:40am you are already THAT behind? How is that possible? Were you late getting to work wonderful doctor? :)

I would like to say that this just happens at my ob/gyn and therefore I really have no basis for this rant. However, I find this happening EVERYWHERE I have a scheduled appointment time. Be at the dentist at 10am. See the dentist at 10:20am. Take my kids to the peditrician for a 2pm appt. and we get called back at 2:30pm. I want to know why their time is SO much more important than MY time. If I didn't show up until 15, 30, 45 minutes later they would send me away and tell me I lost my appointment. I recently fired my son's orthodontist because EVERYTIME I went there for a 1 minute check it took over an hour and I finally said I'm done. No thanks....

Does this happen to anyone else or am I just being sooo unreasonable?

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