Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What in the world is "THAT"????

Let me tell you what "THAT" is. When the dog wasn't feeling well I was doing extra laundry since she made a few messes along the way. Well the laundry room just hasn't been the same since. I couldn't figure out why? Ran bleach thru the washer, ran it with nothing in it, and even kept the door open. It is a front loader....I was trying everything. My husband happened to look at it the other day and said it looked a little dirty and maybe I could just CLEAN it out. So today I was on the phone and since I can't EVER sit still I decided NOW was the time to do this.
I cleaned the door (dirty very dirty) and I started to pull back the rubber part of the washing machine and I noticed some brown so I pulled back even further and in the picture what you are seeing is a sock that had gotten lodged there (WHO IN THE WORLD KNOWS WHEN) and it was well brown too. That is how the washing machine works. The water filters thru the front and it had something blocking it. A SOCK!
I had to stop talking for a minute and tell my friend to hold on. I was sure I was going to be sick. The moment thankfully passed and then I had to get on a bigger mission because I had to remove the sock and REALLY clean the washing machine. Oh joy!!! The good news is now I have found the source of the smell. The bad news was I EVER had to see that!!
For the record I am an ultra clean freak as well. That washing machine is only a year old. I scrub the outside all the time because I don't like dust on it, but who EVER cleans the inside of their washing machine. Well, apparently me.


Amy said...

Okay you need to come and hang out at our house for a week and pass some of the "cleaning" genes on to your brother and neice and nephew!! That is really gross though....now you can feel fresh and clean. Paige saw the screen and said "What is that?!!".

Beth said...

I don't think I can help with that....remember my dad was very BOYS DO OUTSIDE work and GIRLS DO INSIDE WORK. He NEVER had to learn to clean!!! ;)Ha!